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Welcome to online-website-template.com

Hello and welcome to online website template

Online Website Template is a thriving exchange for users wishing to buy or sell website templates. Some of the most talented web designers from across the world gather here, thereby making their skills accessible to you. Designers contribute here on a daily basis, allowing us to provide you with fresh new website templates to consider.

The internet is a highly competitive market place where sites are constantly trying to outdo one another to acquire the biggest audience. Online Website Template can help you to make your site distinguishable from those of competitors. Simply begin by considering the various website themes presented in each template and choose one that best represents the values of your brand. You can use Online Website Template to remove all the hassle from website design. Choose one of the website templates from the enticing selection provided and you could reinvigorate your site with a stylish facelift.

Today's Templates

Latest templates

Template Price: 69.00$
Exclusive Price : 3200.00$
Template: #28539
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Template type: Flash
HTML5 JS Animated
Template Price: 62.00$
Exclusive Price : 3000.00$
Template: #36527
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Template type: HTML5 JS Animated
phpbb style
Template Price: 25.00$
Exclusive Price : 450.00$
Template: #14370
Downloads: 3
Template type: phpbb style
Template Price: 61.00$
Exclusive Price : 2300.00$
Template: #16609
Downloads: 4
Template type: Flash

Website Design

Order custom website design

Online Website Template can assist you through all aspects of the design process. We do not just offer premade templates and can also help with custom website design.

Custom website design enables you to make decisions on every aspect of the site’s layout, style and construction. All of this will culminate in the birth of a site that is unique where templates are not.  read more

Why should i use online-website-template.com ?

Easy to find, Daily Fresh web templates at compatible prices, Get the best look and feel for your website design

We place all of the latest new website templates directly at your fingertips. New templates are uploaded daily from our global network of designers, allowing you to acquire fresh new styles whenever necessary. Thus far, we have compiled an impressive collection of website templates that numbers in excess of 30,000 designs.

Our collection lets you choose from web templates developed in a variety of different codes, namely Flash and HTML. We give you access to layouts for a broad spectrum of purposes, including e-commerce, Facebook, video and CMS & blogs. Browse the available options by navigating through use of the various headings provided.

Bespoke templates can be costly to pay for, but we can significantly reduce the cost and make web design affordable. We can help you to compete with the most successful sites in your field by giving you access to newly released templates. These can be purchased for either the basic template price or for an exclusive price, guaranteeing that only you can use it.

Some sites through which you can acquire web templates will limit your range of choice. This is due to the fact that only the site is responsible for designing templates and often results in a poor selection. Additionally, the selection may be largely similar in design, only differing in colour scheme.

We provide additional assistance that can greatly benefit you when needed, be it custom website design or else template installation. Contact us today for further information on any of our services.

Custom-friendly CMS

Online Website Template friendly content management system

There are a number of different content management systems (CMS) that will allow you to store and modify the content of your website. Online Website Template provides website templates from CMS that include Drupal, Joomla, Moto, Turnkey and WordPress.

We provide custom-friendly CMS to users that decide to utilise our own CMS. In this service your site will be stored at Online Website Template’s own dedicated content manager site.  read more

Template installation

Order full template installation service domain, email and hosting included

Here at online-website-template.com we strive to deliver the finest service levels possible. We operate a site that is responsible for providing more than 30,000 website templates.

Therefore, we can reasonably expect that some users will struggle with the installation of their new template. It is for this reason that we are delighted to offer our users a template installation process.  read more

Template tuning

Order template tuning service

An instance may occur where you download or see an option among our website templates that looks nearly perfect, but not quite right for you.

The good news is that you don’t have to settle for a template that does not completely meet your needs. Online Website Template can be called upon to make edits and alterations to pre-existing website templates.

We have an electronic process in place whereby you can communicate your request for fine tuning to be made on a particular template. We will then evaluate your request and follow up by presenting you with a quote for the changes to be made. read more

Start your own web templates Shop

Start making money from your web site today

Web designers can use online-website-template.com as a platform from which to earn money from developing new templates. Our platform will connect you with the world, making you part of a thriving community of template developers. Inspiration flourishes freely at Online Website Template, with new ideas emerging daily from the release of new templates.

You can sell templates quickly and efficiently by becoming one of our sub-affiliates. Begin the affiliate application process now by clicking Here. It won’t be long before you have your very own shop from which to sell web templates and reach a larger target audience.

One of the major advantages of deciding to sell website templates using our site is that we offer access to new client bases that will significantly expand your reach. Become one of our sub-affiliates and you will have access to more potential clients than previously.

A further advantage is that we give you the opportunity to sell templates to multiple clients or else for more at an exclusive price. The exclusive prices are considerably more, and this is due to the fact that it entitles only that client to use the template.

We can offer you a flexible sales interface capable of helping you to increase your profile on the web.
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Free website templates

Free sample website templates download

Want to find out if you can handle a web template by yourself?

On the following page you will find a variety of free web template for you to download and test,
go to Download sample free web templates

What else you can find at Online Website Template

Online Website Template is the perfect location for you to review the best website templates.
We bring together the most talented and experienced developers in the world to deliver the most robust and highly functional templates.

It doesn’t have to take long for you to get a new website up and running, regardless of its intended purpose. We have premade templates intended for use for a variety of website themes. The only thing that you need to do is perform a download and undertake the installation procedure.

We also offer services in addition to the premade website templates provided. At any point you can choose to request a quote from Online Website Template to perform alterations on an existing template or else to create one from scratch. You can also enlist our help when it comes to successfully performing installation.

This is not just a site for those in need of website templates, but for developers as well. Developers can use this exchange to harness their website design skills and start earning money from them.

You will notice that we have a variety of categories in which our selection of templates is stored. Click on any have the categories to browse the choices available to you. Templates can be chosen based on the website themes that you need to promote for your company/organisation.